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Why PartField?

*External Visual Inspection - All orders is visually inspected from part count verification to carrier type and condition, humidity indicator and desiccant, and proper packaging. The parts inspected for correct markings, date codes, country of origins, secondary coatings, lead condition, sand marks, construction defects, logo condition.

*Decapsulation - Decapsulation will expose the die in any plastic IC package by etching away the die’s plastic covering. This process will allow us to see if there is actually a die inside the package. Decap will also show die topography, manufacturer markings, copyright date, part number, consistency in die size from different date codes, and bond wires.

*One-stop shop - we specialize on hard to find, obsoleted, passive and active products

* Just in Time Deliveries - same day shipment for parts from PartFiled's stock, overseas located product usually shipped within 6-7 working days

*Cost Saving - By purchasing through PartField with best rates on the market , you are affectedly minimize your costs and saving valuable time, allowing you to focus on your project when we focus on your parts.
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